Thursday, February 5, 2015

January Workout Recap

This is my first workout recap on the blog!  This is something I've become more passionate about over the past couple years so I thought I would start sharing my workouts here.  I've gotten tons of great workouts from blogs and I'm hoping this list will be useful to someone else.

Also, as I was doing this over the course of a month it really made me feel accomplished.  Since I don't work out everyday sometimes it doesn't feel like I get a lot of exercise in.  However recording it all like this makes me realize just how much I was able to get done in one month!  So without further ado...

Week one:


Crossfit at Southend Crossfit (all Crossfit workouts I do are programmed by them)


Front Squat @22×1, 4×6, rest :90


5 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes, rest for 2 minutes and 30 seconds and repeat twice)

10 Unbroken Thrusters (I did 45 pounds)

10 CTB Pull-ups (I modified to jumping chest to bar pull-ups)

-rest 2:30- x2




Back Squats

3 min AMRAP of Air Squats (I got 78!)


EMOM 20 (every minute on the minute for 20 minutes)

10 Push Press (I did 35 pounds)

10 Box Jumps (I used an 18 inch box)

I made it through 16 rounds which means I took 4 minutes off to rest.  This was a tough one!


Hot yoga at Y2


Peanut Butter Runner is one of my favorite blogs and I got there for blogs and recipes all the time! When I did this I modified modified to regular burpees from lateral jump burpees and modified the push ups to push ups on my knees.


3 mile walk

I do a three mile loop through Freedom Park with a friend almost every Sunday.  It's one of my favorite traditions and makes me feel so blessed to live in such a great neighborhood!

Week 2




Front Squats


10 min AMRAP

15 Chest to Bar Pullups (I modified to jumping CTB pullups)

15 Push Press (don't remember my weight)

50 Squats

Rest for 5:00 minutes, repeat


Sick with bronchitis and the flu.  I NEVER get sick so this was a struggle.  Obviously no workouts these days... just sleep and working from home!


Yoga Jam at NC Fitness Expo


3 mile walk

Week 3




Front Squats


21 reps -18 reps -15 reps -12 reps -9 reps -6 reps -3 reps

Thrusters (I did 35 pounds since we had to complete the first 21 without stopping... aka unbroken in Crossfit speak)

Bar Facing Burpees

20 min cap (workout stops after 20 minutes whether you are done or not)

This workout was AWFUL... especially after barely moving for 4 days due to the flu.  However, I almost got through 6 reps (completed 158 reps total).




Strict Press (I did 35 lbs) and then....

Kick up to the Wall to a handstand 10 times


15 Kettle bell Swings (I did 35)
15 Burpees over the Erg
Row :30 for max meters (98, 92, 100)
Rest 5:00, do 3 times total

My times for finishing the KB swings and burpees was 2:25, 2:25, 2:05.  I think last one was wrong though... sometimes the hardest part of Crossfit is remembering to look at the clock when you're done!


I just started reading Fit Foodie Finds and I've been really loving it so far.  I've tried several of her recipes but this was the first workout I've tried... it was a tough one!  Especially those jumping lunges!


Hot yoga


4.5 mile hike to Crowders Mountain (I was soooo sore for a couple days after... that hike is no joke!)

Week 4


1 mile run

I NEVER run except for the short distances we do at Crossfit, but I decided to do a 5k with my office so I'm starting to train for the race.  I found this training schedule and this was my first attempt.  Running is a struggle for me so this should be interesting!  Stay tuned.



Find 3 rep max Push Jerk - 60


3 min AMRAP

10 unbroken Push Jerks (I used 40 lbs)

15 Box Jumps (18 inches)

Rest 3 minutes... do 4 times total.  I got through 50, 50, 47, and 47 rounds.



Strict Press - I did 35 lbs

Eccentric Strict Press (lower bar down slowly)...collect 15 reps.  I used 45 lbs.


For Time
100 Dumb Bell Thrusters (started at 15 lbs, dropped to 10lbs)
*5 burpees every minute

This was the hardest workout I've done in a while.  100 thrusters is bad enough, but having to stop every minute to do 5 burpees is pretty brutal (hence dropping the weight).  I finished in 9:44... if I had stayed at 15 pounds this would have taken much longer.


Skiing!  I love working out doesn't feel like working out!

Phew!  I get tired just reading all of this.  However, it was great to end the month on a high note with squeezing in a ski day.  Looking forward to February!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Charlotte, NC Events: Derby Days

charlotte nc events

I want to share some exciting news for everyone in the Queen City! If attending Derby Days hosted by the Young Affiliates of the Mint isn't on your spring to do list... it should be!  This year's Derby Days event is May 3rd from 3-7 and is the must-attend social event of the season in Charlotte... it was even named the "Best Party for Young Socials" by SouthPark Magazine.

Your ticket includes food, beer and wine and an afternoon spent enjoying a live band, lawn games, a silent auction, a hat contest, a raffle and of course a large-screen viewing of the "Greatest Two Minutes in Sports" on the lawn of the Mint Museum Randolph.  Then head to Peculiar Rabbit afterwards to the official after party!

You have until April 19th to purchase tickets at the early bird price! Right now tickets are $30 for members of the Young Affiliates of the Mint and $45 for non-members. After April 19th tickets are $40 for members and $55 for non-members. Make sure you don't miss out on this amazing event... purchase you tickets here!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shawlsmith London Spring 2014

spring scarves
1 // 2 // 3 // 4

After three days of snow in the Queen City last week, this week we are seeing highs in the 70s.  #WelcometotheCarolinas.  Although you can always count on crazy weather in the South, I'm hoping this is a sign that Spring is right around the corner!

With Spring quickly approaching, I was so excited to receive a Shawlsmith London Poppy Digital scarf in Violet Ocean (number one pictured above).  This lightweight scarf is the perfect accessory to throw on during Springtime when it is still a bit chilly outside. Some of my other favorites from their Spring collection include the Poppy Digital in Marigold, the Cotton Candy Stripe in Mint, and the Polka Dot Linen in Turquoise.

Shawlsmith London wants to help you get ready for Spring as well!  Just use the coupon code SSL25 for 25% off the entire Shawlsmith London site. 

You can find the entire Shawlsmith London Spring collection here!  Which scarf is your favorite?

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Last Minute Valentine's Day

Wheaton Ring with Garnet and Diamonds // Big Cat Print Low Rise Hanky Panky // CLINIQUE Chubby Treats // DESIGN DARLING Petra Earring // Oscar de la Renta 'Live in Love' Eau de Parfum

Happy Friday!  2014 definitely hasn't been the most productive year for blogging, but my goal is to slowly start getting back into it.  Today I wanted to share a few last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas for the ladies.  So guys, if you are still wondering what to get the ladies in your life, listen up!  Any of these items would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

What are your Valentine's Day plans?

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Paris like a Local: Unique things to do in Paris, Part 2

the Louvre

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Mine was spend relaxing and attending Charlotte Restaurant Week.  This year I tried place new to me, Capital Grill, and an old standby, Fiamma.  They were both delish!  If you haven't been to restaurant week, definitely try it out!  You can find my past reviews here and here.

 I wanted to share my second installment of Paris like a Local: Unique things to do in Paris!  The photo above is the Louvre is sunset!  While the Louvre is obviously a top tourist attraction... the sunset is absolutely stunning!

the Tuileries
After the Louvre we walk through the gardens.  Just hanging out in the Tuileries was one of the favorite things I did on my trip.  Even in the winter, the views were stunning.  I highly recommend spending time there at sunset... you can see why in these photos!

Christmas at paris
I love traveling over Christmas because you get to experience your destination at it's most festive time!  Paris is definitely no exception.  These Christmas carousels were everywhere!  We didn't go on one (#travelingwithboysproblems) but seeing them all over the city definitely seemed to extend the holiday spirit!

Unique things to do in Paris
We kept walking through the gardens and came upon this ferris wheel!  Although we didn't get to ride it, it was definitely a site to see! On the other side of the ferris wheel is Champs Elysées and then the Arc de Triomphe (which you can see peeking through).

Paris nightlife
As far as nightlife goes, our big night out (other than New Years of course) was spent at Queen.  Queen was the epitome of a Parisian club.  If you are looking for night of drinks and dancing, I highly recommend it!  Just be prepared to spend some serious cash... you won't find a drink for less than 15 Euros and there is a 20 Euro cover.

brunch in Paris
Sunday was spent recovering over brunch at Beaucoup.  It was sooooo good and very French.  It was a great way to try out a ton of French foods at once.  You should definitely come hungry!  The first course is an all you can eat buffet with a ton of traditional French foods.  Next they bring scrambled AND sunny side up eggs (because who really wants to choose just one) and bacon.  AND THEN the third course is chicken or fish with roasted potatoes and a salad.  And of course bottomless coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice.  

The atmosphere was also great.  For a long, leisurely brunch you HAVE to go there.

Paris like a Local
My final must-do in Paris is a visit to Laduree!  It is another pretty touristy activity but it is soooo delish!  All the macaroons were tasty, but my favorites were the pistachio, vanilla, and the strawberry candy one.

So there you have it!  My guide to how to do Paris like a local (with a few must-do touristy ideas).  

Do you have any suggestions on unique things to do in Paris?

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Paris like a Local: Unique things to do in Paris, Part 1

Paris like a Local: Unique things to do in Paris

Happy 2014!  Hope you all had a fab Christmas and New Years.  Mine was packed with family, friends, and my trip to Paris!  I was lucky enough to visit a friend that lives there so I felt like I really got to experience Paris like a local.  Here are a few unique ideas that will help you have a Parisian experience that is anything but average!

best falafel in Paris
One of the favorite things I did on my trip was roaming around the Marais neighborhood!  There is a lot to do there, but here are a few of my favorites.  Head to the rue des Rosiers and visit the old Jewish section.  There was only one deli actually survived the Nazi occupation, Jo Goldenberg’s.  Sadly it closed a few years ago but you can still see the old awning which I love.  Eat lunch at Chez Marianne (2, rue des Hospitalières-St.-Gervais, corner of rue des Rosiers, in the 4th) to get the falafel and meze in Paris. Another options is the takeout falafel from the famed L’As du Fallafel (34, rue des Rosiers)... but be prepared to wait... the lines at most of these places go outside and down the street!

Place des Vosges Paris France
The Place des Vosges was absolutely one of my favorite places, and is also in the Marais!  The Place des Vosges was once home to Victor Hugo and is one the oldest and most beautiful square in Paris!  It was built by Henry IV over 400 years ago.  Stop and have a drink in one of the cafés on the square or grab a sandwich and have a picnic.

Île St. Louis, Paris, France
The Île St. Louis is one of the few areas in Paris wasn't effected when Napoleon remodeled the city after Rome, so you'll find narrow streets that are a great example of the oldest parts of Paris.  Located near Notre Dame, this is a great area to wander around and find fun shops or stop in a cafe for a crepe!

Notre Dame
This is actually pretty touristy, but I really enjoyed it.  Take a river boat ride on the Seine with Bateaux Mouches.  It goes by a lot of the big sites, and a lot of the time I got better views from the water than from when I was standing right on top of the buildings (case in point, the picture of the back of Notre Dame above)!

Geneva, Switzerland
If you are looking for a fun day trip from Paris, consider Geneva!  I had never been to Switzerland, so I took the 3 hour train ride to Geneva for the day.  The train ride itself was very relaxing, and it was a great way to see the French countryside as well as the Alps!  The great the about Geneva is that everything is in walking distance of the train station.  

A must-see is the Cathedral of St Pierre!  This 12th century cathedral, as a couple interesting factors.  First of all, you can see the chair from which John Calvin preached. You should also climb up the stairs to the tower for a great view of Geneva and the famous Jet d'Eau foundation (pictured above) on side side and the Alps on the other. There is also a little chapel tucked away on the side that you don't want to miss. It was literally so beautiful it took my breath away... especially the ceiling!

View from Arc de Triomphe at night
This is pretty touristy also but is a must-see in my opinion. I had been to the Arc de Triomphe but never to the top so that was on my list.  The line was soooo long but moved pretty quickly so don't let that stop you!  Also, we happened to go at night and see the Effiel Tower (which was already lit up) start sparkling!  This happens every hour on the hour so try to be up there when it happens.  To get to the Arc de Triomphe, DO NOT TRY CROSSING THE TRAFFIC CIRCLE!  Use the underground tunnel on the Avenue de la Grande Armee side of the circle. You can access this tunnel from the Wagram exit of the Metro. The Arc de Triomphe is located in the 16th arrondissement on Paris’s Right Bank. The 16th is located in the northwest sector of the city.  

Here are directions on how to get there:

RER: line A, station Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile
Metro: lines 1, 2 and 6, station Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile
From outside Paris: exit Porte Maillot and avenue de la Grande Armée or exit Porte Dauphine and avenue Foch
From the centre of Paris: drive up the Champs Elysées

Stay tuned for my next post, Paris like a Local: Unique things to do in Paris, Part 2! Until then, au revoir!

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