101 in 1001

Here is a list of 101 goals I would like accomplish in the next 1,001 days (2.75 years)!  After first seeing this on Design Darling, I thought this would be a more realistic alternative to a bucket list.  A few of these are personal, most of them are fun, and all of them are attainable (I hope!).  I plan on update my progress as I continue to work on the list.  Enjoy!

  1. See my brother play live in Nashville
  2. Purchase a classic Burberry quilted jacket
  3. Visit a state I've never been to (Hawai'i Trip) February 2013
  4. Purchase a new Mac laptop
  5. Start making a monthly donation to an organization I care about
  6. Purchase nice riding boots December 2014
  7. Go on a hike
  8. Pay all bills on time for 6 months (December 2014, January 2015... check!)
  9. See my grandparents on both sides at least once a year
  10. Take 5 trips from The New York Times 36 Hours: 150 Weekends In The USA and Canada book
  11. Attend a NYFW event (a stretch but I would love this!)
  12. Monitor IRA and 401k at least once a month for 6 months
  13. Start attending a book club
  14. Learn to use chopsticks
  15. Visit 5 local breweries in Charlotte (NoDa, Birdsong, Sycamore, Triple C, Heist... finished in December 2014)
  16. Visit the 9/11 Memorial December 2014
  17. Blog 3 times a month for 6 months in a row
  18. See a Cirque du Soleil show
  19. Attend the UGA vs UF football game (also known as the World's Largest Outdooor Cocktail Party!) as an alum
  20. Visit a vineyard Snapshot from trip to Raffaldini Vineyard April 2013
  21. Give up alcohol for Lent
  22. Take up tennis again  August 2014
  23. Complete a project from my DIY Pinterest board (made these for my mom!)
  24. Go to a farm and pick fresh fruit
  25. Find a mentor
  26. Read At Least Five Books From Modern Library’s Best Novels List
  27. Do the Charleston Bridge Run
  28. Go on a yoga retreat
  29. Take a Photoshop class
  30. See Wicked
  31. Go to Carowinds July 2014
  32. Visit MoMa
  33. Master a yoga pose I cannot currently do
  34. Go the US Whitewater Center here in Charlotte June 2013
  35. Write an e-book
  36. Make fried chicken and biscuits with my Grandmother November 2014
  37. Spend a weekend in Asheville, NC
  38. Attend SantaCon in NYC December 2014
  39. Go to Vegas
  40. Take a surfing lesson
  41. Purchase Louis Vuitton Speedy or tote
  42. Write a "Charlotte City Guide" for In the Queen City
  43. Finish reading the Divergent books
  44. Do something nice for someone else everyday for a month
  45. Re-design my contact page on In the Queen City
  46. Re-design my about page on In the Queen City
  47. Go to Chicago
  48. Pay it forward January 2013
  49. Try a new type of workout class Crossfit December 2013
  50. Hike Crowders Mountain January 2015
  51. Watch UGA play in the SEC Championship or National Championship (wishful thinking!)
  52. Go to the Brooklyn Flea Market
  53. Go to the Highline in NYC
  54. Get a blow out at a blow out bar
  55. Visit the Mint Museum November 2013
  56. Take a day trip 
  57. Go to another music festival Governors Ball June 2013
  58. Learn to make one dish really well
  59. Visit either Brazil, Thailand, or go back to Europe (somewhere other than London & Paris) Geneva, Switzerland December 2014
  60. Attend a sample sale of a designer I love
  61. Get on TV at Good Morning America (embarrassing but true)
  62. Do a juice cleanse
  63. Go to the Kentucky Derby
  64. Read 15 minutes before going to sleep every night for a month
  65. Read the Great Gatsby again June 2013
  66. Read the Bible
  67. Watch the Way They Were again
  68. Get my car professionally cleaned at least 6 times a year (November 2014... check!)
  69. Buy a lottery ticket December 2013
  70. Go to a drive in movie
  71. Celebrate St. Patricks Day in Savannah
  72. Play with an exotic animal
  73. Go to a NASCAR race
  74. Get to maintenance mode with my allergy shots
  75. Start donating to my alma mater, UGA
  76. Be a contributor to another blog Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont Blog May 2013
  77. Meet up with 3 blogger friends Spring 2013
  78. Surprise someone I can about
  79. Send 5 cards just because
  80. Host a game night
  81. Go to brunch (I never do this!) January 2013
  82. Go sailing
  83. Invest in a nice camera
  84. Cook a meal for someone I care about January 2013
  85. Volunteer once a month for 6 months in a row
  86. Put a survey together for In the Queen City to learn more about what my readers want to see
  87. Go to Mardi Gras
  88. Find a church I really like in Charlotte and start going regularly November 2013
  89. Collaborate with one of my favorite companies on In the Queen City
  90. Read Wild
  91. See the Rockettes at the Radio City Music Hall
  92. Take some good advice that I receive
  93. Go on an international mission trip
  94. Get a puppy
  95. Take a cooking making class
  96. Read Unbroken
  97. Go to a the weekly free beer tasting at Common Market here in Charlotte
  98. Visit the Levine Museum of the New South 
  99. Try a free outdoor yoga class Yoga On Tap at Ole Mecklenburg Brewery May 2014
  100. Give someone a homemade gift February 2013
  101. Reward myself with something nice when I finish this list!


  1. This is a great list and very realistic. Thanks for some goal setting inspiration!

  2. Too cute! And you can do some of those things in DC....


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